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Rsoft It Solutions offer their customers affordable software development services not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Our Software development services include designing and developing custom android mobile apps, IOS app development service, TV OS Apps, Mac OS apps, IPAD Os Apps, Linux OS Apps, custom desktop applications, rich internet applications. We develop the latest and modern applications using the latest tools, techniques, and technologies. We guarantee 100% quality assurance to our clients. We believe that the success of our client is our success and communication with the client is key to determine the success of any product that is why keep involved our client in the progress of the project. We deliver completed projects within time, quality and budget.

Rsoft delivers the best custom software to clients of wide ranges from small to midsized companies; we have vast experience of 10 years of providing the best software solutions to our clients. We have expertise in various technologies.

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Rsoft IT Solutions is one of the top leading software Development Company in Pakistan and is one of the best and top I.T company in Pakistan, Rsoft is based in Sukkur Pakistan and provide services in not only whole Pakistan but also all over the world. Rsoft offers affordable IT services which include Android App Development service, IOS App Development Service, Desktop Application Development, Website Design and Development, WordPress Web Hosting, Windows Web Hosting, Linux Web Hosting, .pk domain registration service,.com. 

net, .org, .com. pk, and all other domain registration services. We also offer Graphic Design and Video Editing and Composing, branded and unbranded SMS marketing service email marketing service, SEO service.

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  Custom Software Development
  Software Testing and Quality Assurance
  Web Application Development
  IT Consultancy
  Web Portals
  Azure Apps and Infrastructure
  Database Design and Development

What is Software development

Software development is to conceive, specify, design, program, document, test, and fix bugs in the creation and maintenance of the application, frameworks, and any other software components. It involves series of precise steps of software engineering   

As these days more and more businesses are migrating online, software development has become one of the most talked-about topics of the modern world.

What are the steps involved in software development?

From beginning to the end a series of stages are involved in software development, these stages can be named as Life Cycle of Software development.

Software development life cycle model comprises of following six phases.

  Requirement gathering and analysis
  Software Design
  Implementation or coding

Requirement gathering and analysis

Requirements for Business are collected in the stage known as requirement gathering and analysis. This phase being the main focus of the project requires meetings with managers, stakeholders, and users are held to determine the requirements like; By whom the system will be used? In what way they are going to use the system? What data should be input into the system? What data should be output by the system? These are several other queries that need to be answered during the requirements gathering phase. After completion of requirement gathering is done, these are further studied to check their acceptability, validity, and the possibility of integrating the requirements in the system to be developed is also taken into consideration.

After the whole process is completed a Requirement Specification document is drafted which functions the purpose of instructions for the coming phase of the model. The team involved in testing complies with the Software Testing Life Cycle and begins the Test Planning phase once the requirements analysis is finished.

Software Design

In this phase, the system and software design is set up from the requirement specifications which were taken into account in the foremost phase. System Design cooperates in the stipulation of hardware and system requirements in defines overall system design. The system architecture specifications functions as input for the next phase of the model.

Implementation / Coding

Once system design documents are received, the work now has to be divided into units and now the process of actual is begun. This phase remains the focus of the developer because code is produced in this phase. This is termed the longest phase of the software development life cycle.


After the development of the code, it’s testing against the requirements starts. This assures that the product is solving the needs addressed and gathered during the requirements phase. In the due course, all sorts of functional testing which includes unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing are performed. In addition to the above tests, non-functional testing is also performed simultaneously


After the tests are done and the product is a success, it is now deployed to the customer.

After the product is handed over to the customers, now it is time for beta testing. If any bugs are caught during the beta testing or the product requires any further changes, it is reported to the developer team reported. After fixing all the bugs and making all the required changes, the product which is completely final is delivered to the customer.


Maintenance is the taking care of the product after the product which is delivered is underuse. Some problems or bugs may arise after the product comes underuse. The problem is fixed by the developer team to time under the phase known as maintenance. 

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