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Affordable Domain Registration Service in Sukkur Pakistan

If you are an internet user you most probably have heard the word Domain Name. It is the most common word you hear being an internet user. It is the distinguished and distinct name of a website. Once a domain name is registered it cannot be registered by any other person on the planet. It can be shown as a representation of your business and what is your business about. A website is only found on the web browser through this unique name. When you type www.google.com in your internet browser you are using a domain name.

Let’s take a brief introduction to the domain name.

The domain name is actually the combination of two main categories i.e. the first one is TLD or top-level domain and the second one is SLD or Second Level Domain. It also includes a subdomain. When you look at it from left to right it can be seen as Subdomain+SLD+TLD

TOP Level domain 

TLD or Top Level Domain is the rightmost part of a domain. It is most likely the most renowned part of a domain. Have you ever heard .com? Most likely you have. This portion is called the Top Level Domain. Besides .com there are many others for example .net, .org, .int, .edu, .xyz, .club, .biz, .info .arpa etc. Many of them include country codes such as .pk, .in, .us, .au, .fr and so on. Some top-level domains are very specific, they can only be used for special types of organization such as .edu for educational and .gov. for government organizations.

TLDs can be further categorized into three types.

1: gTLD- Generic top-level domains:  These domains are most likely to be used to showcase website purpose. The most well known generic top-level domains include




In addition to this well-known gTLD there are as many as 1200 gTLDS available. Some of them are info, biz,xyz,club, .cc, .cn, .club, .tv, etc.

2: sTLDS- sponsored top-level domains: 

Sponsored Top-level domain includes domain which is sponsored by specific entity or organization such as a business, government, or any other group. Some of them are



.Mil ( for US Military)

.travel ( used by travel agencies)

 .museum ( Used by the museum)

3: ccTLDS- Country code Top Level domains

 These domains represent specific countries such as

.Pk ( Pakistan)

.Us ( United States)

.In ( India)

.Fr ( France)

.Au ( Australia)

.Uk ( United Kingdom)

Second Level Domain 

Second Level Domain or second-level domain falls hierarchically under Top-level Domain and is used to denote business name.

It is to the left of Top-Level Domain in a domain name registration.

Most people use Second Level Domain to represent their website or organization. In the example Rsoft.pk

Rsoft is a second-level domain while .Pk is a Top-level domain.

Sub Domain

Falling to the left of the second-level domain is the subdomain. The most well-known sub-domain is www.

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