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Rsoft is one of the top leading Non-linear video editing services provider digital productions company that offers all types of video composition and editing services. We have a team of talented editors, colorist, VFX – visual effects experts which convert your ideas to visual imaginary.

Affordable Non-Linear editing services in Pakistan

Video, audio, and image-related editing through specialized software. Non-linear editing ensures that the source files not lost while editing and assures that the user has different versions of the source files with multiple video effects applied to them and without using any of the extra space.

What is Non-Linear Editing or NLE?

Non-Linear editing or NLE is a non-destructive video editing process. It is the process of loading video materials into a computer from digital or analog tape. The editing process generates a new tape by storing all instructions by the operator. Non-Linear editing allows the editor to copy, cut, and paste scenes in any order and make desired changes, it creates a new file by applying the instructions to the original digital image on disk. The original file is untouched. The new video-generated file can then be provided to the web, email attachment, or video tap.

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