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Rsoft Technologies is one of the most reliable and leading web hosting service provider companies in Pakistan that offer Affordable web hosting services in Sukkur Pakistan. We offer our customers a wide range of very affordable web hosting services. The Web Hosting plans we offer include Windows, Linux, Business, Reseller, VPS, and Enterprise Web Hosting. Rsoft Hosting Service is based on Linux and Windows Servers. We offer very effective reliable and affordable web hosting services in Pakistan and all over the world.

What is Web Hosting and why do need web hosting? 

Web Hosting or in simple words hosting is the allocated space on a Web Server machine. It is purchased to store and locate files of our websites on a web server and make websites live and available to internet users all over the world. Web hosting may also be sometimes called just hosting in the field of hosting of the website in Server. It is a space very similar to storage in Hard Disk of your computer where which you store your files and other stuff such as videos, images, audio files, pdf documents, and other important documents, unlike your hard disk, Web Hosting space isn’t present on your Computers, but it is space located in a Hard Disk in a Server which presents the on Internet.

How I can use that space of Web Hosting Server?

Once you have bought web hosting from us, we will provide you a Control Panel which, alternatively, is also called CPanel which you can use to upload your website or its web pages, you can also directly edit and create folders and files into your CPanel account. We also provide you FTP or in other words, a File Transfer Protocol account, which can be used by you for purpose of storing, deleting, or editing your website files through an FTP Client Software such as Cyberduck, FlashFXP, and FileZilla 

How can I upload files using FTP Client Software?

For uploading files using FTP Client Software following steps are required

   First, the FTP Client software is installed on the computer of the client

   Then you need to check the FTP client for the software installation and upload the suitable directory on the hosting server according to it.

 Then the files created by user-uploaded by the hosting server and the permissions are set for the public to access it all over the world.

Different directories such as HTML are used by web hosting used as HTML/VR/www and is set using FTP client 

 The location where the website is stored named as the initial local directory is determined by the FTP Client

For the transfer of files, the mode is determined to Binary mode or ASCII mode. 

How can I configure, If I already have purchased the domain name from another domain registrar?

If you already have bought a domain name from any other domain name registrar, there isn’t anything to be worried about, we will assist you to configure our name servers to your domain registration portal. You can also transfer your domain name to our Servers within no time. 

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