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Database is the collection of data organization in way for easy access, as the name implies Database is the base of data, every small organization or business must manage Data, the manual Data Collecting and Managing is a difficult task, A Computerized collection of Data or information which can be accessed and managed easily is called Database. Database applications or Database files store the Data mostly in the form of tables, tables in Database contains columns and rows, In Database terms Columns are called fields such as a students Table can contains ID, Name of student, Fathers Name, Contact, Email an so on, in terms of Database ID,Name of student, father's name, Contact and email are called fields or column headers and the rows which identifies the data related with particular person , place , organization etc are called Records, means in Database rows are referred as Records. In Database records can be add,append,delete,sort,search easily

Rsoft has worked with many organization and developed the many custom software applications and Database applications for different organizations and companies, we have developed following types of Database applications.

Database Management System DBMS / Relational Database Management Systems RDBMS applications